1 Question to Ask to Make Sense of Endless Expert Advice [Podcast]

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The information age has a downside: Advice Overload. In the face of ubiquitous experts and never-ending best practices and how-tos and secrets, what if you trusted your intuition? Well, for starters, you’d need to focus more on your own context than all that advice. Luckily, today, we explore one question you can ask yourself to instantly make sense of all … Read More

The Real Problem with Hacks

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A “hack” is typically interpreted as some kind of cheap, efficient, perhaps less-than-pure way to execute a tactic. But really, what is a hack? It’s the use of a system in a way in which the system wasn’t intended to be used. When you break into a car, rip out some wires, and start the engine without a key (you know, just a typical … Read More

How to Trust Your Intuition to Do Better Work

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Last we spoke, we wondered why we don’t trust our intuition more. I mean, it’s with us at all times, telling us things. But we often feel like it’s a LEAP to listen to our intuition. This week, we wonder: How do we cross that chasm? To help make sense of this, we revisit the story of Alec Brownstein, the … Read More

The Leap: Why Trusting Your Intuition Feels Risky

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Last week, we defined intuition once and for all. This week, we wonder: Why don’t we routinely TRUST our intuition? We came up with a practical definition, but why can’t we seem to make it practical in our daily lives? Why does it so often feel like a leap? To help make sense of this, we revisit the story of … Read More

What Is Intuition? And How Can We Make It a Practical Tool?

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What is intuition, anyway? Sure, we aspire to do something exceptional, and we can’t stand all that average noise created by the endless “hacks” and “cheats” and “secrets” out there. We know there’s a better way. Our gut is telling us something — maybe. Is it really our gut? But here’s our big question this week: If all that readily-accessible expertise … Read More

There Are No Secrets (And That’s the Secret)

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I think the best secret you can learn is that there are no secrets. This site is normally reserved for opining. Sometimes, I use a little anecdote to reveal a lesson I’ve learned that I also wanted to share with you. Other times, I goof off, using a bunch of animated GIFs or parenthetical asides to land some jokes. But no … Read More

Marketers You Know, Stories You Don’t: Amy Schmittauer

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Channel Links: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play Our our every-other-week series profiling names you know sharing stories you don’t concludes with Amy Schmittauer. In this brutally honest and hilarious discussion, Amy talks about her parody of the Wizard of Oz, why she loves editing more than being on camera, and how she grapples with her early speaking careers. About the … Read More

Remarkable Stories about Using Constraints to Create Better Work

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Channel Links: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play This week, we wonder what happens when you embrace constraints, rather than fight for “creative freedom” (and we explore what the heck “creative freedom” even means). Stories today from First Round Capital (one of the premier venture capital firms in tech, with investments in Uber, Warby Parker, Blue Apron, Square, and more) and Soviet Visuals, a … Read More

1 Thing I Think I Think: We Think Too Much

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I think we think too much.  (And yeah, I realize I just thought a thought to think that thought…) A few weeks ago on the show, we heard stories from Mitch Joel, one of the most prolific writers and, as it turns out, voracious readers I’ve ever met. So I asked him the obvious question: Does he have a routine for … Read More