Best Practices Are Everywhere, But Are They Really the Best?

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Join our Unthinkable journey — each week, a new hypothesis for what it takes to trust your intuition and suceed. Subscribe at or text TRUST to 444999. TODAY: If you want to break from convention and follow your intuition, where does that leave all those best practices out there? It’s so easy to follow a list or do what … Read More

Reason Number 7,539 You Should Launch a Side Project

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Juliana Casale’s story is not unlike most of ours, because Juliana Casale is not unlike most of us: trying hard to use her creative craft to elevate her career. But unlike many of us, Juliana recognizes something about her side project that has launched her career in B2B marketing forward. In this episode, she shares the story of how it … Read More

Creativity Doesn’t Mean Big (So Stop Making Excuses)

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We assume creativity has to be big. We feel the need to tackle broad, sweeping ideals, produce massive, industry-leading projects, and find deep, life-affirming meaning in our work. But what if to get all that, we need to think smaller? Today, we go outside our echo chamber with James Miller, creator of the project A Small Fiction. Then, we hear … Read More

The Weird & Wonderful Odyssey Behind the Writing of an Ambitious Book

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Note: I’m making the ENTIRE conversation I had with Jonathan available to newsletter subscribers 1 week from now. Subscribe at before October 30, 2016. TODAY: Jonathan Fields has written several books, hosts a top podcast, and speaks all over the world. By most measures, he’s “made it.” But his latest book, How to Live a Good Life, caused him to … Read More

Who Is BostonTweet? How a Side Project Created a Celeb Whose Name Escapes Millions

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Slingshots are short stories of side projects that led somewhere unexpected. Our show’s premise is simple: We want to help people more successfully break from conventional thinking to follow their intuition. Slingshots are quick-hitting examples of people who do so. Tom O’Keefe is one of the most well-known people in all of Boston. But ask people around town if they know … Read More