Knowing vs. Acting (Plus a Revealing Talk About Making Unthinkable)

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The following originally appeared on the Unthinkable weekly email. I send one such email each Monday morning to introduce a concept or story we’re exploring centered on one goal: Helping you hone your intuition and turn it into action. As we explore this idea together, we communicate through the email each week, sharing questions we’re asking and hypotheses we’re testing on … Read More

What Are We Searching For?

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TL;DR We’re taking a 4-week hiatus from new episodes to tinker on 3 core things driving Unthinkable forward. We’re sharing the behind-the-scenes of our creative process via email only, so be sure to sign up at to get one email per week. Over the first few months of the show, your response to what we’re doing has been a … Read More

The Surprising Lesson from Scott Belsky’s Creation of Behance, a Global Creative Community

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This is the story of how Scott Belsky created Behance, a global community of creatives focused on making ideas happen. Slingshots are short stories about a creative side project that led somewhere surprising or unexpected. They run every other week as part of Unthinkable.     In This Episode: Learn why Scott Belsky never cared which product Behance launched. It was … Read More

Beauty in the Broken: Why Creativity Is About Seeing the Potential in Things | #BeUnthinkable

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In this episode, we hear stories about seeing the potential for things to be better, greater, and more creative, despite starting in a place that feels hopeless. When craft-driven creators are at the end of their ropes or they’ve been handed assignments or situations that feel utterly broken, what do they do?     In This Episode: First, I wrestle with some leftovers … Read More

2% Better: Why Creative People Obsess Over the Details

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Creative individuals use words like “agonize” and “obsess” when referring to our work. We go home late or wake up early just to refine a tiny little piece of the overall project. Then we suddenly look up and hours have passed. Why do we go through these mental time warps? What do we think we’ll find on the other side? Today on the show, … Read More

The Danger Booth: Creativity Requires Personality

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Slingshot episodes are an every-other-week miniseries within the Unthinkable show. The goal is to profile people who create side projects that lead somewhere surprising. The Danger Booth is not your average photo booth. It’s an award-winning, open-air, sometimes-nudity-inducing, always-personality-driven experience. In this episode, Zac Wolf and Becca Goldring share the story behind their creative side project-turned-business.  Listen and Subscribe Now: … Read More

The Muse Is an Excuse [Unthinkable Ep. 004]

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We’ve got an EPIC episode today. (Literally — I open this episode reading an epic poem…) How often do we think we need some kind of external inspiration to strike? Why do we call upon “the muse” so often as creative individuals? And are we thinking about this all wrong? On today’s show, we first go Outside the Echo Chamber … Read More

The Story of Wooden Nickel Shorts, a Parody Group with Takedowns of Google, Twilight & More

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Slingshot episodes are an every-other-week miniseries within the Unthinkable show. The goal is to profile people who create side projects that lead somewhere surprising. In this episode, Dan Milano shares the story of his sketch comedy channel Wooden Nickel Shorts. Listen and Subscribe Now: iTunes | SoundCloud | Stitcher Thank you to Rightside Shirts for supporting Unthinkable. Rightside offers apparel designed by … Read More

What Does It Mean to Be Craft-Driven? [Unthinkable Ep. 003]

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In today’s episode, we start with a comparison of two activities: eating ice cream and sweeping your floor. By understanding someone’s motivation and how they approach a given task, we can more easily navigate the business word as creators who simply want to create great work. And as it turns out, there’s a word to describe all those people who … Read More