Introducing Unthinkable: Finally, a Show for Those Who Love the Content Part of Content Marketing

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inon a warm summer’s eve, Ulysses F. Marketing was wed to Lady Catherine Content in a small wooded clearing. The ceremony was beautiful yet small, attended only by the happy couple, a local priest, and a handful of friendly woodland creatures who had gathered, likely in anticipation of the crab puffs at the reception.

Now, the reason for the ceremony’s secluded location and lack of guests (and the disappointingly small platter of crab puffs) was Lord Augustus Marketing, the father of Ulysses and tyrant ruler of the land.

Lord Marketing had barred his son from seeing Lady Catherine, taking such extreme measures as barging into their chambers unannounced or leaping out from behind a bush to block the couple’s carriage from reaching their actual, desired destination — typically for about 30 to 90 seconds at a time. (Lord Marketing loved these interruptive, aggressive tactics.)

And so, on that fateful day in 1692, Ulysses and Catherine wed in secret and set out to build their new family. Being a surprisingly progressive couple for their time, they were down with the maiden name stuff, and thus Catherine became Lady Catherine Content Marketing.

But all too soon, word spread to Lord Marketing. (Or maybe he’d cookied them awhile ago and was just tracking their movement across the kingdom without them knowing. It’s a hot debate among historians or whatever. The point is, them kids got got.)

So the evil tyrant, in a blind fit, accidentally shared a dirty meme while logged in as the kingdom’s Twitter handle, and also banished Lady Catherine from the land forever. And although there are no documented records, according to legend, the last thing Lady Catherine Content Marketing heard as she fled the kingdom in tears were these immortal words, bellowed by Lord Marketing:

“The Marketing kingdom shall never again utter a single word about Content!”

And they never did.


Look, that may all sound ridiculous (despite its obvious historical accuracy), but what else can explain why the marketing world is so bizarrely mum about the Content part of Content Marketing?

Everywhere you turn, you can practically trip over a pile of resources and case studies and stories about the marketing of content, but when it comes to actually creating the stuff? Good luck.

It’s like everyone just whispers, “The secret is to create great content,” before shouting across the land about all kinds of tips and tricks and shortcuts and hacks and tech and tactics to do everything else.

You guys: What the actual heck?!

So as of today, no more. As of today, those of us who love Content end our silence and proudly reveal that one burning secret we all share:

“The only reason I do this job is because I love to create content!”

Welcome to Unthinkable, the show for craft-driven content creators.

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If you find meaning in the creative part, welcome! This is for you. If you agonize over your craft (and consider it a craft in the first place), welcome! And if you’re a content creator who’s bothered by suck, welcome to your show!

Twitter: @UnthinkableFM, @jayacunzo

Behind-the-scenes of the making:


Today on Episode 1: Quality vs. Quantity

In our first-ever episode, we tackle that bizarre but rampant debate raging across the marketing industry: Quality or quantity? 

Are these ideas opposites, really? Why? And when someone asks this question, what are they actually saying anyway?

Also in this episode:

  • I introduce the show and what to expect from Unthinkable. It’s a big moment, people! (Well, at least for me. And also for parents with the last name Acunzo…)
  • We go outside the marketing echo-chamber in a weird, hilarious, but eye-opening moment. We’ll travel to perhaps the highest concentration of smart people on the planet and ask for their take on “quality versus quantity.”
  • We talk to a content creator who’d make most marketers blush. He’ll also go deep into this tension between quality and quantity and what it means for the individual content creator.
  • We end on a small but powerful challenge to ourselves. This five-minute step could forever alter our creative abilities and our careers.

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Jay is an award-winning podcaster and dynamic keynote speaker. Before creating Unthinkable, he was a digital media strategist at Google and head of content at HubSpot. He’s built content marketing strategies from scratch for startups and produced attention-grabbing documentaries for brands. His work has been cited in places ranging from Harvard Business School to the Washington Post.

Today, Jay hosts shows and works with teams who aspire to be the exceptions to all the noise in their niche.

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4 Comments on “Introducing Unthinkable: Finally, a Show for Those Who Love the Content Part of Content Marketing”

  1. I had an Unthinkable moment at work the other day, then heard Kelly Clarkson’s “People Like Us” on Pandora. (I’m sure the rights to that are crazy expensive, but it would be an awesome theme song for Unthinkable). It’s like the universe was reminding me to listen to this week’s podcast ASAP. Thank you for the time and care you’re devoting to this project. Sorry For Marketing and now Unthinkable are often my lifeboat of sanity when I start to think I am the only crazy person in marketing who cares that things are great instead of just done.

  2. Hey Andrea, that made my day! Trying to make this more than a lifeboat but actually have a nice comfy inflatable slide between Mothership Marketing and this boat here 🙂 So keep being the crazy person who cares that things are great, not just done — but know you’re far from the only one. This project is about us all being louder about it together. Thanks for being part of that!

  3. Heard your visit with Mitch Joel this week so starting here from the very beginning…looking forward to catching up!

    1. Hey Kris, thanks! I appreciate the support and hope you enjoy the show. You’re joining at a great time. Consider the early episodes a backlog of collected stories, while a more formalized, logical journey began recently, at the episode titled “Our Journey Begins.” You can start there and move forward with us, or go back into our older stories. We used a lot of listener feedback to focus beginning with Our Journey Begins, but had a lot of fun along the way to here 🙂 Hope you do too!

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