Comedic Writer Sarah Cooper on Leaving Google, Creative Freedom & the Down Side of Audience

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If you love to tinker on your creative craft, you often feel you’re surrounded by people who “don’t get it.” This causes many of us to long for one thing that we never seem to get: total creative freedom.
And, as the logic runs, to achieve creative freedom, we’d need to have our own audience — one that loves our work and either supports us financially or gives us more clout and more say with our companies or clients. This enables us to do the work WE want, either with or for people who “get it.” No more red tape. No more backwards thinking forces suppressing our creativity.
But what if we’re wrong about creative freedom? What if there’s a frightening downside to building your own audience?
Today on the show, we hear the story of Sarah Cooper, a writer and comedian who left a job at Google in the name of pursuing her craft and building her own audience. She’s found some success and a pretty big audience thus far, but she also reflects on what this means for her creative freedom … or perhaps lack thereof.
Give it a listen, and be sure to read her stuff at — it’s hilarious!

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