Where the Risk-Takers, Visionaries, and Creators Start Their Work

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We call the show “Unthinkable” because anytime someone uses their intuition, it feels like they did something crazy. Maybe they broke from conventional thinking — that alone feels pretty unthinkable in many jobs and industries. Maybe they came up with an incredible idea in an instant — that can be tough to understand from the outside looking in. Or maybe … Read More

The Green Smoothie Problem: Why Others Don’t Buy Your Ideas

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Ever excitedly share an idea with a teammate, boss, or client that’s met with such horror that you wonder if you’d accidentally suggested clubbing baby seals? Oh! Uhhh, yeah me neither. But, like, you HAVE received some confusing or hesitant looks, right? Right. Okay. Same page. Because it’s just so easy for us to share our ideas, only for others … Read More

Using Intuition as Your Unfair Advantage at Work

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Intuition gets a bad rap in the working world. We associate it with gut feelings, snap judgments, perhaps the Muse — all things that we assume aren’t as powerful as rational thought. But what if your intuition IS rational? Maybe it IS a function of logic, it’s just that it happens at such an exponentially fast rate that we can’t … Read More

Why Experts Thrive Instead of You (HINT: It’s Not “Hustle”)

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Along with the Information Age came a dark side: Advice Overload. It is easier than ever before to find and follow someone else’s answers rather than sit with a problem, think critically, talk to those you wish to serve, or run a few tests. Rather than operating in a constant questioning state, many of us default to an answer-first state. … Read More

In a Sea of Sameness, Use This Tool to Stand Out

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Marketers today obsess over the idea of a “noisy world,” but noise is not the problem — sameness is. Picture everybody you’re competing with playing piano in a giant concert hall. If you walked in and started playing piano yourself, you’d be contributing more noise to the room, and you’d go unnoticed. But if you started shredding some sweet electric … Read More

The Expert’s Answers Aren’t Actually Answers At All

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Everybody is an expert in something … at least that’s what they say. Now, full disclosure: I don’t actually know if they say that. I only know that, when I don’t know something, adding “that’s what they say” can be shorthand for “experts think this, so I’m right.” But is that true? In this Information Age, when everybody can find … Read More

1 Question to Ask to Make Sense of Endless Expert Advice [Podcast]

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The information age has a downside: Advice Overload. In the face of ubiquitous experts and never-ending best practices and how-tos and secrets, what if you trusted your intuition? Well, for starters, you’d need to focus more on your own context than all that advice. Luckily, today, we explore one question you can ask yourself to instantly make sense of all … Read More

The Real Problem with Hacks

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A “hack” is typically interpreted as some kind of cheap, efficient, perhaps less-than-pure way to execute a tactic. But really, what is a hack? It’s the use of a system in a way in which the system wasn’t intended to be used. When you break into a car, rip out some wires, and start the engine without a key (you know, just a typical … Read More

How to Trust Your Intuition to Do Better Work

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Last we spoke, we wondered why we don’t trust our intuition more. I mean, it’s with us at all times, telling us things. But we often feel like it’s a LEAP to listen to our intuition. This week, we wonder: How do we cross that chasm? To help make sense of this, we revisit the story of Alec Brownstein, the … Read More