Brilliance in Plain Sight: Great Content Creators Find Meaning in the Day-to-Day

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brilliance in plain sight

Content marketers put creativity up on a pedestal. But when you actually create for a living, you know something far simpler, and you see something hidden in plain sight: brilliance. SUBSCRIBE at Channel Links: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play FEEDBACK ON THE SHOW? – Email – Tweet – Snap LINKS TO KNOW: Joe Lazauskas: Cara … Read More

Content Creator Confessions: An Unthinkable Dive into the Messiness of Making

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content creator confessions

We’ve all been where Angela is at in her work right now. Today, we dive deep into this feeling and try to make sense of it. SUBSCRIBE at Channel Links: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play FEEDBACK ON THE SHOW? – Email – Tweet – Snap LINKS TO KNOW: Angela’s Twitter: Angela’s project:  

The Role of Gut Instincts in Content Marketing

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that gut feeling

Today we explore the role of your gut instincts in creating exceptional content. This episode features a story about music legend Sting from executive producer Andrew Davis, followed by the tale of Tim Jensen, a former U.S. Marine who doesn’t believe people rise to the occasion as much as they do something else — something he’s mastered and we should, too, if … Read More

The Origin Story of the Biggest, Baddest Marketing Thought Leader: Orlando Scampington

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orlando scampington biggest thought leader

Tyler Littwin took a deep breath, walked up on stage in front of his entire company, and let them have it. And they…loved every minute of it. Today in this short story about a side project, we hear the tale of Orlando Scampington, the world’s biggest marketing thought leader. Kinda. Join the community for content-obsessed content marketers: Thoughts on … Read More

URR: A Metric to Save Content Marketing from Making More Crap

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URR content metric (1)

Here’s an actual moment in my career that made me want to start flipping tables. It’s an exchange between me and a colleague from several years ago: Me: Let’s update that truly terrible project sitting behind that lead-gen form. The design sucks. The copy is awful. We’re probably pissing off a ton of people who expect something great when they … Read More

Twas the Night Before Launching (A Holiday Poem for Creators)

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twas the night before launching

Here’s a holiday poem for creators. Regardless of your holiday or your craft, this happens to us all. Channel Links: iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Google Play From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for supporting my work. Have a very happy and healthy holiday season and New Year! – Jay # # # FULL POEM TRANSCRIPT: Twas the night before launching,  … Read More

How to Create Great Work Using Gut Feel: Perfect Your Footwork

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perfect your footwork

Exploring intuition is a strange thing. You start going down deep, dark rabbit holes of your mind. It’s like … what even IS a human, man, yanno? As a result, I’m getting better at indentifying the moment in a story when a person begins to trust their intuition. It always comes through with an unsatisfactory or mystical answer: “I dunno how I did X. … Read More