It Has Never Been Easier to Be Average

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It has never been easier to be average. When we start to do anything new, it can be a struggle. We don’t have all the answers we need. But today, with just a little bit of effort, we can find them and ascend quickly to “average” status. Want to learn how to drive more leads? In seconds, 188 million pages … Read More

Doing Great Creative Work Isn’t About Luck

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A friend sent me this great article in WIRED by illustrator and author Chris Niemman. The piece is a beautiful and moving look into the creative process and moving from very good work to exceptional. As you’d expect, it’s full of existential questions and the search for meaning. I loved all of it, except this…   The idea here is that … Read More

How to Stand Out in a Noisy Niche: Use a Hook

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Josh Bernoff writes the blog Without Bullshit. Fundamentally, he writes about writing. But despite thousands of competitor sites and a handful of friends telling Josh to write about something else, he’s succeeding. Why? What causes one blog to stand out among the noise in a crowded niche? What causes any one piece or project to break from the average to achieve the exceptional? … Read More

Why Is So Much Business Writing Full of Crap? Fear

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Josh Bernoff writes a blog about writing, putting him among a TON of others that could be completely the same. So he uses a hook in order to stand out. In this short story about Josh’s side project, we dive into how that hook has built him a successful career as a solo entrepreneur and author. (Slingshots are short stories … Read More

Best Practices Are Everywhere, But Are They Really the Best?

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Join our Unthinkable journey — each week, a new hypothesis for what it takes to trust your intuition and suceed. Subscribe at or text TRUST to 444999. TODAY: If you want to break from convention and follow your intuition, where does that leave all those best practices out there? It’s so easy to follow a list or do what … Read More

Reason Number 7,539 You Should Launch a Side Project

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Juliana Casale’s story is not unlike most of ours, because Juliana Casale is not unlike most of us: trying hard to use her creative craft to elevate her career. But unlike many of us, Juliana recognizes something about her side project that has launched her career in B2B marketing forward. In this episode, she shares the story of how it … Read More

Creativity Doesn’t Mean Big (So Stop Making Excuses)

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We assume creativity has to be big. We feel the need to tackle broad, sweeping ideals, produce massive, industry-leading projects, and find deep, life-affirming meaning in our work. But what if to get all that, we need to think smaller? Today, we go outside our echo chamber with James Miller, creator of the project A Small Fiction. Then, we hear … Read More

Why You Need to Trust Your Intuition in the Noisiest World Ever

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We live in the noisiest and fastest-changing time in history, where the attention of others has never been more important or more difficult for businesses to acquire and retain. And yet so many people in business want to follow their precious conventional thinking and create more sameness using shortcuts and “hacks.” Enough. How do you break from conventional thinking? How do you stand out in a noisy world? … Read More