Knowing vs. Acting (Plus a Revealing Talk About Making Unthinkable)

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The following originally appeared on the Unthinkable weekly email. I send one such email each Monday morning to introduce a concept or story we’re exploring centered on one goal: Helping you hone your intuition and turn it into action. As we explore this idea together, we communicate through the email each week, sharing questions we’re asking and hypotheses we’re testing on … Read More

Guts and Spines

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Creating meaningful work for a living requires two things: intuition and frameworks. The intuition is how most of us start out. Something just FEELS right, and so we create it. Saying something at a certain point in the story, or adding a certain effect, or changing a certain design flourish — it all comes from gut. We can see past the current … Read More

What Are We Searching For?

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TL;DR We’re taking a 4-week hiatus from new episodes to tinker on 3 core things driving Unthinkable forward. We’re sharing the behind-the-scenes of our creative process via email only, so be sure to sign up at to get one email per week. Over the first few months of the show, your response to what we’re doing has been a … Read More

Confessions of a Content Creator: I Don’t Care About Data

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Editor’s note: Unthinkable shares stories about conventional thinking at work and the people who dare to question it. iOS users can subscribe here. Android users can subscribe here. Gut: Hey Brain, want to write something that’ll almost certainly expose us to massive criticism?  Brain: Uhhh, no?  Gut: TOO LATE, DOIN’ IT, HERE WE GOOOO!!!! As a content creator, I don’t really care about … Read More

Please Launch

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Thanks to creating and hosting Unthinkable, I now have the pleasure of talking with fellow content creators on a weekly basis, typically about their side projects. (This was not written sarcastically, even though most of my work is written sarcastically. I enjoy talking shop with others who make stuff on the internets. I don’t always have time for it, because I’m a … Read More

How to Be More Creative When You’re Pressed for Time

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“I’m inspired to make my project better, but that’ll take so much time! How can I change and get it there?” I get this email a lot after people listen to Unthinkable. The show is intended to inspire you to use the craft of creativity to build something meaningful. Many who listen are already building something, but a gap exists between what they’re … Read More

The Surprising Lesson from Scott Belsky’s Creation of Behance, a Global Creative Community

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This is the story of how Scott Belsky created Behance, a global community of creatives focused on making ideas happen. Slingshots are short stories about a creative side project that led somewhere surprising or unexpected. They run every other week as part of Unthinkable.     In This Episode: Learn why Scott Belsky never cared which product Behance launched. It was … Read More

Why the Business World Needs to Emulate Creatives: We Expect Better

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When you’re motivated by creativity and the desire to produce great work, if you’re lucky, others might describe you using words like thoughtful, genius, innovator, visionary, or artist. But what about stubborn? It’s true. You should take that as a compliment.   Creative individuals simply expect better of their work, their company, and their industry. And that starting block for one’s career is … Read More