How Travel Affects Creativity: An Exploration for Content Marketers

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Travel and creativity seem to go hand-in-hand (and then they go skipping down the street in some foreign land).

Today we go exploring the topic of exploration: Why is travel linked to inspiration? Does travel help our work, or can it derail our productiveness? And how can we better tap into the benefits of travel to our work … without booking a single ticket?

Stories about Anthony Berriola, a barber with a side project to satisfy his wanderlust, and Carla Johnson, and author and speaker about creativity who is on the road more often than not. And Jay decides to take a left instead of a right and test out what we learn … but things don’t go according to plan.

It’s Unthinkable.

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Jay is an award-winning podcaster and dynamic keynote speaker. Before creating Unthinkable, he was a digital media strategist at Google and head of content at HubSpot. He’s built content marketing strategies from scratch for startups and produced attention-grabbing documentaries for brands. His work has been cited in places ranging from Harvard Business School to the Washington Post.

Today, Jay hosts shows and works with teams who aspire to be the exceptions to all the noise in their niche.

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One Comment on “How Travel Affects Creativity: An Exploration for Content Marketers”

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