“It’s Not the Wand, It’s the Wizard” – Untold Stories of Content Marketing’s Best Speakers

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Today on the show, we explore how magic-makers in marketing stand out from the noise by relying more on their personalities than any best practices or tools.

Stories include Jay Baer’s barbecue adventures (and why his favorite quote involves a pigeon) and Jessica Best’s email geekery. At the end, I share some big news.



This episode was created in partnership with Content Marketing World. Come see me, Jay Baer, Jessica Best, and the world’s top content marketers speak, September 5-8 in Cleveland. (If you listen to the show and attend the event, PLEASE alert me that you’re going. I’d love to meet!)

Learn more and register at contentmarketingworld.com (use code UNTHINKABLE for $100 off the main event and all-access passes)







Jay Baer on Twitter: twitter.com/jaybaer

Jay’s company: convinceandconvert.com

Jessica Best on Twitter: twitter.com/bestofjess


Jay is an award-winning podcaster and dynamic keynote speaker. Before creating Unthinkable, he was a digital media strategist at Google and head of content at HubSpot. He’s built content marketing strategies from scratch for startups and produced attention-grabbing documentaries for brands. His work has been cited in places ranging from Harvard Business School to the Washington Post.

Today, Jay hosts shows and works with teams who aspire to be the exceptions to all the noise in their niche.

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3 Comments on ““It’s Not the Wand, It’s the Wizard” – Untold Stories of Content Marketing’s Best Speakers”

  1. Haha, great start to the podcast. We all have days where we feel like pigeons are doing their business on top of our head. In the podcast, someone mentioned that we need to add “Jerry Garcia” to our emails. How the heck do you pull that off? Do you have additional resources to give ideas on how to add some spices to the recipe?

    1. Hey Matt, glad you liked it 🙂 Also to clarify, I said “Cherry Garcia” which is a flavor of ice cream by Ben & Jerry’s. The metaphor was, everyone sends vanilla emails and “differentiation” is usually to send vanilla BEAN, but if you can instead share some Cherry Garcia, i.e., a much different approach to email than marginally tweaked copy, you’d stand way out.

      Hope that makes sense! Thanks for listening

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